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Chainway C4050-Q4 Android Handheld Terminal

  • Compact size, portability, durability, functionality
  • Numeric and QWERTY keyboard
  • Ultra High-speed 4G data communication,

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Chainway C4050-Q4

Chainway C4050-Q4 Handheld Terminal

Chainway C4050-Q4 is an Android-based rugged mobile computer. With its fast 4G connectivity and powerful Qualcomm processor as well as the comprehensive data capture options, including LF/HF RFID and NFC reading, high performance 1D/2D, infrared and sensitive fingerprint scanning, you can find this easy-to-deploy device an exceptionally valuable helper for your workers to increase their efficiency and productivity. With its highly customisable ability, enterprises can deploy this single device in many areas, including retail, warehouse management, logistics, asset tracking, fleet management, healthcare and etc.

Most Powerful Application Performance: The Chainway C4050-Q4 features the latest and fastest Qualcomm SoC processor, together with 2GB of RAM, 16GB build-in flash storage, plus a SD card slot that can add up to 32GB of memory.

Extensive Data Capture Functions: The C4050-Q4 can be integrated with best-inclass Zebra 1D/2D barcode scanning engine, sensitive fingerprint snap-on and GPS. It allows users to choose data collection options as per industry need.

Superior RFID Reading Capability: The C4050-Q4 provides new levels of RFID and NFC reading performance. It can be configured with high-performance LF/HF RFID reading module, or NFC reading module to capture different kinds of information.

Rugged and Compact The C4050-Q4 is highly rugged, compact and durable. With an IP64 water and dust proof capability, workers can drop this device on concrete, use it in dusty areas, even get it wet, and still expect reliable operation.

4G LTE — Faster Connectivity: Whether indoors or outdoors, the C4050-Q4 provides enterprises with anywhere, anytime realtime connectivity by the fast 4G LTE celluar network and 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi support.

Highly Customisable: From a single function device to a fully featured enterprise mobile computer, this device delivers the best possible flexibility and diversity to satisfy a whole variety of application needs.

Available Models*

  • C4050-Q4H (HF, PSAM, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4N (NFC, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4L (LF, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4OH (1D Barcode, HF, PSAM, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4ON (1D Barcode, NFC, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4OL (1D Barcode, LF, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4TH (1/2D Barcode, HF, PSAM, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4TN (1/2D Barcode, NFC, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)
  • C4050-Q4TL (1/2D Barcode, LF, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, Keyboard)

*Available in Numeric and QWERTY keyboard.


C4050-Q4 UHF Model

C4050-Q4H, C4050-Q4N, C4050-Q4L, C4050-Q4OH, C4050-Q4ON, C4050-Q4OL, C4050-Q4TH, C4050-Q4TN, C4050-Q4TL

C4050-Q4 Datasheet


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