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Go For Ghana


In January 2015, ourselves and a number of our valued customers and suppliers, helped out my daughter, who was raising money to take with her to Ghana. After meeting a young girl and learning about her particularly bad situation while volunteering in the same place the previous year, Emily’s plan was to raise money in order to fund further education for her. After raising much more than expected, she is now funding another girl from the same school, through to high school. In addition to being able to donate, school equipment, and three community self-sustainable water filters.


Arsenal Charity Football Match

After such successful fundraising, Emily went a step further and decided to set up her own registered Charity, ‘Go For Ghana’. She then went on to organize a football fundraiser event with the Arsenal Foundation, which we were able to help sponsor. The event, which took place on the 9th October in Welwyn garden City, raised £4000. Two of our employees, Mark and Ben played in the match, where the team unfortunately lost 6-3!

Emily –“The money raised from this event will go towards funding further water projects. We really feel that getting villages the basic human right of access to clean water is the first step to getting the community on the way to improving and becoming more sustainable! The money will also go towards funding Selina and Aisha’s further education over the next few years.”

Community - Go For Ghana

Here’s a message from Emily..


I traveled to Ghana in 2015 with £3500 in my pocket to spend on the communities and schools of the local villages. I achieved this through many people’s kind donations, and also putting on my own music fundraising event ‘Go for Ghana’.

Before I flew out, I bought two self sustainable community water filter, which can provided clean water for 300 people for up to 10 years. Once out there, we found an isolated village called Kyereban, home to 250 people, which was desperate for healthy water as they were drinking straight from a still lake with stagnant contaminated water at the edge of their village. We taught them how to use the filters and how it will dramatically benefit their health and therefore improve their quality of life! The second water filter went to a similar isolated village a few hours away.

When I went to Ghana in 2014, I met a 15 year old girl, called Selina at the school I was working on. I learnt that while she was one of the brightest in the school, she also had one of the worst living conditions, with her parents having left her to go and find work in the capital, and rarely sending her money. Since I have been back, she is now in the care of one of her teachers, Ruth, and they are both moving to the capital so that Selina can attend an excellent boarding school, as a result of the money raised Since starting the charity we have also started to sponsor another 15 year old girl, Aisha, through secondary school too.

Abene Primary School is the name of the school that she attended and is where I spent a month of my time last year. I wanted to go back and donate some of the money to them. I did this in the form of having a toilet block built for them, whiteboards in every classroom and new tables and chairs for the teacher’s staff room. I also took out watches, shoes, maths and science sets etc, for the teachers to award the pupils who deserved them the most and who also needed them the most. In addition to school equipment, I also took various sports equipment with me as sport is so big in Ghana but the right equipment is unavailable to them.

Many people also donated suitcases of clothes, and also school books and pens/paper, which were received by the schools and outreach villages, every last item went to a very grateful home!

By the time it was due for me to fly home, I was very satisfied with my two-month trip and everything I had achieved during my time in the volunteer house. The donations enabled me to fulfill my dream of going back and doing these amazing things, which may not seem like much to you or I, but to the locals and children of the schools and villages, it is the hope and the help that they need to carry on being the most amazing, loving, generous, happiest country I have ever been to, and would encourage anyone who can, to get over there and see for yourself!

Since this experience I have decided to start up my own charity helping children in Africa gain access to better education and equipment, and to help improve the quality of life in villages in any way I can … watch this space!

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A massive thank you to everyone who helped, either with donations or helped me with the Go For Ghana event!